Monday, December 4, 2017

Image Compositing

Image Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images. These types of photos are made often to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene. The rule of thirds is applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points. It's an important concept to learn as it can be used in all types of photography to produce images which are more engaging and better balanced. I think the photographers use rule of thirds to get the most out of there photo. I don't believe every photo should be edited because their is beauty in the rawness of a photo that is taken away from editing.

What I am trying to communicate through my best Image composite is that people don't really now how a person is feeling because they're not showing their real personality. So i have my friends face as like a mask showing a happy personality or a "fake" face, then my face showing the real me, like my how i actually feel. When my audience first sees my message I think they will look at the mask first because it shows a fake personality and how i really feel so its pretty interesting.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Visual Statement

So our project was on adrenaline and how it feels when adrenaline hits, Its important me and my partners to get this message because adrenaline allows people to go beyond their potential. The requirements for this projects is to have the idea for the project, after that we write on what the narrator is going to say, after the script is the visual.My partners had a job to do for the project and all of us had to talk well to each other.

To help give the beginners or Final Cut Mr. Sanderal Gave us some tips on how to do some cool things. This included speed ramping, graphic jump cuts, and audio mixing. A little praised skill in final cut pro is organization. Final Cut Pro videos are organized by projects and different events. Project is the video in a whole while the events are the different clips of each dy. Both the project and the events are stored in the library. Its important since its a precaution to make sure that you dont ruin someone elses work. In order to balance what the audience hears and sees you have to go to the inspector to finely edit the video and audio. I personally think that good auidio signals since bad audio tends to bore me and already makes my attention go elsewhere since I think of its s a mark of a bad and ill-prepard project

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Modern Art Movement

Art deco began in Europe, particularly Paris, in the early years of the 20th century, but didn't really take hold until after World War I. As manufacturing of products started becoming larger, artists wanted to ensure the mass production of functional objects. Art Deco influenced the design of buildings, furniture, jewellery, fashion, cars, movie theatres, trains, ocean liners. And everyday objects such as radios and vacuum cleaners. These formative influences include the geometric forms of Cubism. I personally respect the artists who started their movement, as they risked being outcasts to make a difference in modern art.
What is Art Deco buildings paris interior american examples new 1925 miami york exposition history french
Paul Poiret, 1911     
The Art Deco style manifested across the spectrum of the visual arts. No Specific artists created art deco,The Art Deco style originated in Paris, but has influenced architecture and culture as a whole. Art Deco works are symmetrical, geometric, streamlined, often simple, and pleasing to the eye. An artist could potentially persuade someone's perception and opinion on life, if that person is really looking for meaning, and is willing to hear out and consider what other artists have to show. Technology really has no impact on how art was before then and how its now produced.

ACO 1.1 Assess the evolution of art forms for their impact on the arts and communication industry.
ACO 1.2 Evaluate the interaction among media, design and society to assess how each influences the other.
ACO 1.3 Evaluate innovative applications of media and design in society that have impacted the arts and communication industry.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Workplace Safety

The Project goal was for our team to create a presentation for this class about a topic in workplace safety. We worked very well as a team my team names were Tyler Kaauwai And Nicholas Bloss. For our presentation me and tyler were the actors and nicholas was the narrator .We all kinda pitched in an even amount of work but I give most credit to nicholas because he made most of the script while me and tyler just acted it out.

The biggest takeaway of this project was trying to transition of being in one place and then another in a matter of a couple of seconds that we video. And the second biggest thing I took away from this project was learning about the topics themselves, especially our topic on Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health. I learned the difference between a real threat to a work environment and just an obnoxious co-worker. I also learned basically the whole meaning of the workplace safety act which basically describes policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety and health of employees within a workplace. Involves hazard identification and control according to government standards and ongoing safety training and education for employees. What we could have done differently is probably try and stay on task more instead of goofing around and focus more on the script. Nicholas was the biggest help of the squad because he helped me a lot on the script and stay managing to make a sick video and edit the whole thing.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Art and Design

First, what Elements of Art are used in your digital Still Life painting? Describe how you specifically used each element. Explain the relationship between the size of your texture brush and controlling the value scale of your image. What part of the digital painting process do you find most enjoyable and which part do you find monotonous or challenging and why? (6 Sentence minimum).

Some of the elements of art I used were lines, shape, and texture. I used the lines to shape my still life painting image, Then using shapes to show the texture i used for my still life painting. The brush size texture is very small so it adds more value to the texture pattern. The part i liked most was the designs i made Inside the outline of my still life image. for me the most challenging part was The the outline because theres a lot of curves and designes that were hard to outline

ACO 3.1 Analyze how elements and principles of design in various forms of media are applied to communicate to a specific audience. Elements of Art: Space, Line, Color, Shape, Texture, Form, Value.
ACO 3.2 Critique how the effective integration of elements and principles of design within a variety of medium impact target audiences. Gestalt Theory: Similarity, Continuation, Closure, Proximity, Figure and ground
ACO 3.3 Apply elements and principles of design to clarify, focus, or enhance a message or concept for a target audience. Principles of Design: Scale, Proportion, Unity, Balance, Harmony, Contrast, Repetition, Variety, Emphasis)

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Propietary Information

Copyright Infringement takes place when someone uses a copyright protected work without permission of the owner. The legal consequences of using these works without permission include a fee form $200- $150,000. Pay for all court and attorney costs,and you could go to jail.

To me the word Confidentiality is the protection of personal information. Confidentiality means keeping a client's information between you and the client, and not telling others including co-workers, friends, family and others.of maintaining confidentiality include, individual files are locked and secured.

ACO 6.1: Analyze the use of copyright and proprietary information in arts and communication to facilitate responsible, legal and ethical behavior.
ACO 6.2: Examine ethical issues in arts and communications to make appropriate decisions related to clients, co-workers and society.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Market Shifts

A market is any place where buyers and sellers meet to trade products - it could be a high street shop or a web site. One way markets can shift over time is a shift of demand or supply curve.

The top 3 skills that I have are speaking, writing and learning strategies. I think the most important strategies would be writing because writing helps you a lot in life. Like if your trying to apply for a really good college.

ACO 2.1 Analyze how shifts in market affect changes to media and design.
ACO 2.2 Evaluate how changing communication needs of a market are addressed by media and design.
ACO 2.3 Propose media and design solutions that address the changing needs in global markets.

Then, after completing the Basic Skills survey in Choices 360. Write about your results. What skills would you like to develop or improve and why? Which of these skills will help you become most successful? 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Communication Strategies

Communication changes from one audience to another in many different ways. When I communicate with members of my family I noticed its way different from the way I talk to friends. when I'm with my friends I speak pigeon and when I'm with my family or talking to a teacher its professional. I feel like I have to talk that way because its showing respect.

My first career cluster is hospitality and tourism. I am really in to Managing, marketing and operating restaurants and other food services, lodgings, attractions, recreation events and travel-related services. my second career cluster is marketing the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

ACO 4.1: Devise communication strategies to promote individual accountability and team success.
ACO 4.2: Use effective oral, written, and non-verbal communication skills to facilitate positive interactions.
ACO 4.3: Apply appropriate interpersonal skills to establish positive and sustained relationships with clients.

Image Compositing

Image Compositing is the combining of visual elements from separate sources into single images. These types of photos are made often to cre...